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    What You Need to Know About Keeping Rug Fringe Clean

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    Fringe adds an interesting and aesthetic element to many types of rug. When the fringe is bright and clean, the entire rug looks good. However, when the fringe starts to yellow or brown or gets soiled or matted, it can make the entire rug look dingy. After all, the fringe lays directly on the floor, [Read the full article…]

    Pet Urine and Your Wool or Silk Rug

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    Pets are part of the family, but when they have an “accident” and urine appears in your wool or silk Oriental rug, serious damage can occur if it is not dealt with properly.   Here’s what you need to know about getting urine stains out of your area rug: Act quickly!  When it comes to [Read the full article…]

    An Oriental Rug in Every Room of the House

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    A classic Oriental rug is a mainstay of living rooms everywhere, and can occasionally be found in bedrooms or other areas.  Why limit where you arrange something as timeless, versatile, and beautiful as a Persian or Oriental rug?  Here are some ideas for incorporating Oriental rugs into any room in the house. Kitchen – The [Read the full article…]

    How To Properly Store Your Rug

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    Need to store your Oriental rug?  Here’s how to do so properly in order to protect your investment and make sure that when it comes out of storage it’s ready to enjoy! Clean – First and foremost, have your rug professionally cleaned.  If the rug is not thoroughly cleaned prior to storing, it will be [Read the full article…]

    6 Indicators Of Rug Quality

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    A high quality rug is the ultimate expression of craftsmanship and can last for decades, when cared for properly.  However, there are plenty of cheaper, low quality rugs that are manufactured to look like fine rugs.  How do you determine if a rug is going to stand the test of time? Weaving Technique – The [Read the full article…]