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  • Deep Cleaning

    By far, our most popular cleaning service is our Deep Rug Cleaning Package, which uses the oldest and most effective method of cleaning rugs the world has ever known – washing by hand in a rug bath. This process includes completely submerging your rug in our rug cleaning bath and hand washing every inch of your rug, both front and back.

    Our cleaning technique is steeped in tradition, and is the safest, most effective, and most thorough cleaning method we have ever seen. While it takes us longer to clean your rugs by hand than it would with machines, it is simply an exercise in the golden rule. We only clean your priceless heirlooms the same way we would clean our own rugs, by hand. The hand washing process is by far the most effective and least corrosive method of cleaning your rugs, far safer than using a machine that spins your rugs in a vat of water and beats them with mechanical paddles to mimic hand washing. Sometimes good, old fashioned TLC is simply better and safer than anything a machine can produce.

    Our deep cleaning system includes pre-conditioning your rugs with the finest rug cleaning solutions, each of which is designed to enhance the colors in your rug, brighten the rug, and restore its luster. We hand scrub the rug in our rug bath, which is essentially a giant wash pit made especially for rugs. Once your rug is clean, we then thoroughly rinse your rug with a flow over system with special rinse agents to leave your rug soft to the touch.

    Once clean and rinsed, the water in your rug is extracted and then placed on our rug drying racks in our drying room. This room circulates air rapidly and is heated and dehumidified to dry your rug as quickly but as naturally as possible. The finishing touches on our deep cleaning package include a special process to brighten and renew your fringe, the application of a stain protector (please link), and then rolling and wrapping your rug for pickup or delivery

    In addition to the deep cleaning process itself, the Deep Rug Cleaning Package also includes a few items not included with maintenance service, such as Fringe Brightening, Stain Protector Application, and Grooming the face yarns of the rug and the fringe.

    Our Deep Rug Cleaning Package Includes:

    • Inspection
    • Dry Soil Removal
    • Vacuuming
    • Deep Submersion Hand Washing
    • Neutralizing Rinse
    • Fringe Brightening
    • Speed Drying
    • Stain Protector Application
    • Grooming
    • Wrapping for Pickup/Delivery

    Other Packages Available:

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    We 100% guarantee you will be satisfied by our deep rug cleaning service in Jacksonville for a period of 14 days from completion of the cleaning (excluding normal accumulation of debris over that time period).