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  • Stain Protector Application

    Applying a good stain protector to your oriental rug is an easy and relatively inexpensive service for a rug cleaning professional to perform in conjunction with a rug cleaning. We include this service at no additional charge with both our Deep Rug Cleaning Package and our Restorative Rug Cleaning Package. This application of stain protector can save you a lot of hassle and can help protect your rug from stains and unwanted soils and prevent them from attaching themselves to your rug and accelerating its deterioration and wear. If you’ve got an oriental rug you care enough about to be reading this right now, applying a stain protector to it after you’ve had it cleaned is pretty much a no-brainer.

    There are a few important things to know about the benefits of having an oriental rug stain protector applied:

    Stain Protector Makes Your Rugs Easier To Clean

    Once your rug fibers have been coated with protector, vacuuming is much more effective because soils are resting on the protector and can’t attach themselves to the rug fibers as easily. Stain protector also makes spot removal easier as well, since protector makes the fibers less absorbent and gives you more time to clean up a spill before the unwanted substance absorbs into the fibers themselves.

    Stain Protector Makes Your Rug Stain Resistant

    Believe it or not, each fiber in your rug has a gazillion dye sites on it (not really, but you get the picture). Even though the color in your rug may look quite uniform, in fact the dye that makes up these colors has only filled in a small portion of those dye sites, leaving many of them empty. And although your rug may look like it has uniform colors throughout, if you were to examine it microscopically, some of the dye sites have the desired color in them, some dye sites have no color in them (blank), and some dye sites have unwanted color in them (stains).

    The best way to prevent stains is to fill those blank dye sites with a clear resin, AKA stain protector! Therefore, stain protector application makes good sense, and when RugPro Oriental Rug Cleaning performs a deep cleaning or a restorative cleaning on your rug, stain protector application is included every time.

    We 100% guarantee you will be satisfied by our stain protector application service in Jacksonville for a period of 14 days from completion of the cleaning (excluding normal accumulation of debris over that time period). Please note that no stain protector can make a rug stain-proof, only stain resistant. Fast clean up and good maintenance are essential to the ability of any stain protector to do its job.