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  • Restorative Cleaning

    Sometimes, when a rug has experienced an unfortunate event or series of events, such as soiling from a pet, a flood, or some kind of heavy or unusual degree of soiling that have resulted in spots or discolorations, the rug will require our Restorative Rug Cleaning Package. In addition to all the items listed in our Deep Rug Cleaning Package, this restorative process also includes full deodorizing with deep odor treatment as well as spot treatment for any areas of the rug affected by stains or discolorations.

    Our restorative cleaning process is the most thorough, detailed hand washing process available on the market today. Unlike other rug cleaners in the area who use machines, our hand washing process is by far the most effective and least corrosive cleaning process available to your fine area rugs.

    The Restorative Cleaning package is a must when you have urine, stains, odors, or other contaminations. We recommend this service every three to five years or whenever an unusual contamination occurs.

    The most thorough rug cleaning and restoration process you will find anywhere includes:

    • Inspection
    • Dry Soil Removal
    • Vacuuming
    • Odor Treatment
    • Deep Submersion Hand Washing
    • Stain Treatment
    • Neutralizing Rinse
    • Fringe Brightening
    • Speed Drying
    • Stain Protector Application
    • Grooming
    • Wrapping for Pickup/Delivery

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    We 100% guarantee you will be satisfied by our restorative rug cleaning service in Jacksonville for a period of 14 days from completion of the cleaning (excluding normal accumulation of debris over that time period).