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  • Wood Floor Cleaning

    Where do your beautiful area rugs usually sit? Right on top of your hardwood floors. There is absolutely no better time to have your wood floors professionally cleaned than when your oriental rugs are away at the spa. Rugs cover a large portion of your floor, and it is the most convenient time to deep clean your wood floors when the rugs are not in place. Plus, when your rugs come back totally clean and free of dust and sand, we can put them back over a clean wood floor if you have your floors professionally cleaned in the meantime.

    Wood floor cleaning in Jacksonville, FL

    Our sister company First Coast Home Pros excels in professional wood floor cleaning services . They use an intensive wood floor cleaning system that uses a commercial grade scrubber machine in a two step, low moisture process. The first step is a high alkalinity aggressive wood floor cleaner to remove all the dirt, grease, and residue that is deep within the surface of the wood. Second, they use an alcohol based cleaner to neutralize the floor and prepare it for a maintenance coating of urethane, if desired.

    Many customers opt only to have the floors cleaned, which can really do wonders for the wood in and of itself. However, for some floors, the maintenance coating can be a wonderful way to bring them back to their original luster. This maintenance coating, which is designed for traditional hardwood floors, is a waterbased urethane coating that dries and cures very quickly. Using this entire system, you can have your floors deep cleaned and then recoated just in time to have your rugs replaced once they are finished. If you’re thinking about having your wood floors professionally deep cleaned while your rugs are at our rug cleaning facility, we hope you’ll consider our friends at First Coast Home Pros.