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    Drying Rugs After Cleaning

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    oriental rug

    Persian and Oriental rugs need to be professionally deep cleaned from time to time in order to keep them in good shape.  There are many reasons to have your area rugs professionally cleaned by high quality rug cleaning companies.  For example, the best rug cleaners employ trained experts to handle the rug cleaning process.  The [Read the full article…]

    Rug Bath Benefits

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    rug being shampoo cleaned

    Fine Oriental area rugs are nothing short of works of art.  The deeply colored dyes, ornate design motifs, and exquisite handwork from artisan weavers come together to create something truly magnificent.  The silk and wool fibers used in these rugs are densely knotted, which is both a mark of high-quality rug construction and an indicator [Read the full article…]

    Rugs to Transform the Room

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    oriental red rug

    Wool and silk hand-knotted rugs are an art form unto themselves.  Rich dyes, deep colors, textured pile, and luxurious fibers all work together to add beauty, warmth, and functionality to any home.  Furthermore, high quality wool rugs come in nearly any size, shape, and color that you’d want for your home. Does your living room, [Read the full article…]

    Does a Rug Pad Matter?

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    rug pad

    Does it really matter if you put a rug pad under your new Oriental rug?  How much of a difference does a rug pad really make?  The short answer from our rug cleaning professionals is YES – you need a rug pad underneath your area rug.  Here’s why: Protection for the Floor – Good rug [Read the full article…]

    Pet Hair & Your Oriental Rug

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    We love our pets, and we generally don’t even mind handling the messes that are inherent to owning a pet.  However, when pet hair and dander is allowed to continually build up on your area rugs, problems will arise.  Here are our pro tips for managing pet hair in order to protect your Oriental rugs. [Read the full article…]