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    How to Protect Your Rug in High Traffic Areas

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    Clean Rugs

    Oriental rugs in common living areas in your home receive a lot of use.  Aside from simply keeping them clean, tackling spills as soon as they occur, and ensuring pets and kids don’t cause too much damage, you also need to consider the high traffic areas of the rugs.  How can you protect those areas [Read the full article…]

    5 Unexpected Benefits of a Good Area Rug

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    Homeowners generally buy rugs for aesthetic reasons, such as to tie the room together, add warmth and color, or to maintain an element of timeless sophistication in the room.  In addition to these visual factors, did you know Persian and Oriental area rugs have several important unexpected benefits? Noise Reduction– A good area rug will [Read the full article…]

    Why Do Some Rugs Bleed?

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    One of the great fears of rug owners is that their beloved Oriental rug will bleed or transfer dye and either ruin the surfaces near it, or become ruined itself.  Why do some rugs bleed, and what can be done to prevent bleeding? The rug has excess dye.  If the rug has never been professionally [Read the full article…]

    Is My Rug Handmade or Machine-Made?

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    Nothing compares to an authentic, hand-knotted Persian or Oriental rug… the quality is unsurpassed!  You can also find area rugs that are designed to imitate Oriental rugs, and while these machine-made imitations may be reminiscent of authentic Oriental rugs, when you look more closely, you’ll see they are far lower in quality. Here are 4 [Read the full article…]

    6 Tips for Buying the Perfect Oriental Rug

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    An Oriental rug represents a significant investment, and you want your rug to look good in your home, represent your interests, and last for many years.  Our tips can help you find the perfect Persian or Oriental rug for your home! Understand how good quality rugs are made.  Weaving technique, knot density, material – these [Read the full article…]