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    Popular Persian Rug Styles

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    Persian Rug

    Persian rugs, the specific type of Oriental rug that originates from present day Iran, are known for extremely high-quality fibers and craftsmanship, extraordinarily dense pile, and smaller handtied knots than other Oriental rugs.  If you own a Persian rug, you’re familiar with high quality artisan work, and you likely treasure it!  If you’re thinking of [Read the full article…]

    What is Rug Dusting?

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    Oriental Rug Vacuuming vs Dusting

    Routine vacuuming is an important part of keeping your Oriental rug in good shape.  Once or twice per week, depending on how much foot traffic the rug gets, you bring out the vacuum, make sure the beater bar is raised or deactivated, and give the Persian rugs in your home a thorough vacuuming.  With weekly [Read the full article…]

    Rugs for Small Spaces

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    As devout rug lovers, we believe there’s a beautiful handknotted area rug for any room in the house, even the smallest rooms!  Here are some tips for finding the best rug for the small spaces in your home: Solid Hues – Busy patterns and high contrast can make small spaces feel even smaller, so try [Read the full article…]

    Removing Pet Urine from Rugs

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    Cat laying on oriental rug

    When your pet has an “accident” on your beloved Oriental area rug, speed is critical.  The sooner you can address the spill, and the faster you can extract the pet urine, the better the chances you’ll be able to protect your rug against the damage that can be sustained from the urine stain. Why is [Read the full article…]

    Why Hire Pro Rug Cleaners?

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    oriental rug

    You know it’s important to keep your rug clean, but can you do this yourself, or should you hire professional rug cleaners to do it?  Our tips can help you decide when to schedule a cleaning appointment with the best local rug cleaning company! Method – High quality handknotted Oriental rugs need to be cleaned [Read the full article…]