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  • Replacing a Rug Pad

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    The benefits of a rug pad are clear: a good rug pad preserves the quality of your rug, protects the flooring underneath the rug, and keeps the rug in place, therefore keeping anyone who walks on the rug safe from slips and falls.  But how do you know when to replace your rug pad?  And how do you replace the rug pad itself?

    A high-quality hand knotted rug deserves a high-quality rug pad.  Good professional rug cleaning companies recommend avoiding cheap, pre-cut rug pads.  Instead, find a highly rated rug cleaning service in your area and trust the professional rug cleaners to fit the rug pad precisely to your rug’s measurements.  The best rug cleaning services in your area will stock high quality rug padding and know which padding thickness to recommend for optimal protection for your rug.

    In order for your rug pad to effectively do its job of protecting your Oriental rug as well as your underlying flooring, the pad will need to be replaced when the cushioning wears down.  When you notice uneven wear in your rug pad, or when it’s no longer gripping the floor, these are sure signs it is time to replace your rug pad.  The best rug cleaning professionals in your area can take care of fitting a new pad for your rug.  All good rug cleaning companies provide rug pad fitting and cutting and installing as an option in rug deep cleaning services.

    There are many good professional rug cleaners throughout Northeast Florida, including Mandarin, Riverside, Ortega, Fleming Island, and the Beaches, but RugPro is the best rug cleaner Jacksonville FL homeowners rely on for cleaning and preserving their handknotted wool or silk area rugs.  From professional rug dusting, to deep cleaning in our custom built rug bath, to rug pad fitting, we offer all the services needed to keep high quality area rugs in great condition.