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  • Pad Installation

    Perhaps the most overlooked step of good rug maintenance is installing the proper pad beneath the rug. In fact, we find that many customers who have paid good money for a very nice area oriental rug have not bothered to even put any pad at all beneath the rug to help preserve their investment. A good pad, while hidden from view, can increase the life of your rug significantly and therefore the comparatively modest investment makes good sense.

    In addition to providing proper cushioning for foot traffic, which reduces wear and tear on the rug fibers themselves, a good rug pad will prevent the rug from moving around on the floor and wrinkling up, which also can accelerate wear. Keeping a rug situated squarely on the floor is a major factor in extending its life and preserving the rug’s beauty.

    If you’ve had a rug with an odor problem, please keep in mind that the pad itself will also absorb the odors that were in the rug. Installing a new rug pad beneath the rug will eliminate the possibility of odor and other contaminants from transferring into your clean rug from the old pad.

    Other nice features of installing a rug pad beneath your oriental rug include making the rug more comfortable to walk on and reducing the noise of foot traffic and general sound dampening in the room.

    RugPro Oriental Rug Cleaning uses only the finest quality materials for your rug pad installation and it is priced very reasonably. We highly recommend that you ask about installing a new rug pad at the time of cleaning so that you can start fresh with a new pad and a clean rug!

    We 100% guarantee you will be satisfied with our pad installation service in Jacksonville for a period of 1 year from installation (excluding normal wear and tear over that time period).