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  • Maintenance Cleaning

    Our Maintenance Rug Cleaning Package introduces the appropriate rug cleaning detergents and cleaning solutions with a low moisture technique that dampens and warms the fibers to suspend the soils in your rug. These soils are then removed with a high power vacuum system and a neutralizing rinse agent to leave your rug soft and clean. The final step in this process is to speed dry the rug for the very best results. Please note, this process, while less expensive than deep cleaning and appropriate for routine maintenance, treats only the top side of the rug and cleans the face yarns only.

    Our Maintenance Cleaning Package Includes:

    • Inspection
    • Dry Soil Removal
    • Vacuuming
    • Low Moisture Rug Fiber Cleaning
    • Low Moisture Neutralizing Rinse
    • Speed Drying
    • Wrapping for Pickup/Delivery

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    We 100% guarantee you will be satisfied by our maintenance rug cleaning service in Jacksonville for a period of 14 days from completion of the cleaning (excluding normal accumulation of debris over that time period).