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  • 3 Ways to Clean Your Shag Rug

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    Your shag rug needs to be cleaned, just like any other rug.  However, the long threads that comprise its “shagginess” make it unlike any other type of rug and somewhat tricky to clean.  Here are your options for cleaning a shag rug:

    1. Vacuum– You’ll be surprised at the difference a simple vacuuming will make in your shag rug’s appearance. Be sure to turn off the beater bar on your vacuum so that it doesn’t suck up and damage your rug’s fibers.  If you can’t shut off the beater bar, then at least set your vacuum on the highest setting.  Vacuum slowly so that A) you can suction out as much debris as possible, and B) you can be sure the rug is not being damaged by the vacuum.  We recommend flipping the rug over and vacuuming the backside as well. This is a good way to remove more dust and debris from the backing of the rug.  If your shag rug has delicate fibers, we recommend vacuuming ONLY the backside.
    2. Beat– Don’t be afraid to go old school and clean your shag rug the way your forefathers cleaned their rugs: hang it over a line outside and beat it.You can use a broom handle, extension pole, or other such tool to beat it.   If the rug is small enough to easily handle, you can simply shake it out.
    3. Professional Rug Bath– Aside from vacuuming and beating the rug, the best option you have for getting your shag rug truly clean is to call on a great rug cleaning company. All the best rug cleaning companies have professional rug baths on their premises, where the rug can be safely deep cleaned.

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