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    5 Common Rug Cleaning Mistakes

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    There are five big mistakes rug owners make when cleaning their rugs:

    1. Wrong Cleaning Solution – There is no bottled rug cleaning solution that is a “one type cleans all” cleaning agent.  If you attempt to clean your oriental rug with a bottled cleaner from the grocery store, the rug will not get truly clean, and may likely even become damaged.  Instead, take the time to find the cleaning solution that is specially formulated for the type of fibers your rug is made of, the type of stain you need to remove, etc.  Or, call on a good rug cleaning company, since their teams will have access to whole hosts of cleaning solutions and the expert knowledge of which solutions to use on your rug.
    2. Wrong Cleaning Method – Dry cleaning is not adequate for certain fibers.  Certain other fibers cannot get wet or else they’ll be ruined.  If your rug is subjected to the wrong cleaning techniques, irreversible damage can be done.  All good rug cleaning companies have technicians who are trained to know the best way to thoroughly – but carefully – clean any type of rug fiber.
    3. Too Long Between Cleanings – Dust, dirt, bacteria, and debris all build up in your rug’s fibers thanks to foot traffic, pets, and life in general.  Like any surface in your home, rugs require routine cleaning. Just because you can’t see the dirt and grime doesn’t mean it’s not there.  In fact, dust and debris work their way down your rug’s fibers and into the rug backing, causing damage all along the way. Routine cleaning rids your rug of these damaging particles and keeps it looking great.
    4. Too Long Before Addressing Spills –  It’s critical that you clean up a spill as soon as it occurs.  When a spill is allowed to dwell on the rug, irreversible damage can occur.  Pet spills, in particular, should be addressed right away. Pet urine, coffee, chocolate, blood, ink, and countless other spills can do real damage to a fine area rug, so treat the spill right away.  Better yet, call on the best professional rug cleaning service in your area and trust the job to the pros!
    5. Wrong Company – A common mistake many rug owners make is hiring the wrong cleaning company!  A great rug cleaning company has highly trained rug cleaners who are experienced in cleaning all types of rug.  Great rug cleaners need to know the right cleaning solutions and be able to determine the most effective cleaning method for the customer’s specific rug.  Do your research and find the company that treats each rug as if it’s their own, and takes the time to devise the perfect cleaning regimen for your rug’s specific needs.

    RugPro Oriental Rug Cleaning is the best professional rug cleaning company Jacksonville FL homeowners call on for their rug cleaning needs.  Our highly trained technicians have treated nearly every type of stain on any type of rug, using the best cleaning solutions and tools in the industry.  We offer deep cleaning for stubborn stains and highly soiled rugs, and offer routine cleaning to keep your rugs looking their best throughout the year. We can also apply a protectant to the fibers in your rug in order to help keep the rug cleaner longer.  

    Join our other thrilled rug cleaning customers throughout Atlantic Beach, Ortega, Riverside Avondale, and Jacksonville by calling on us and letting us give your favorite rug the cleaning it deserves!

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