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  • 5 Rug Cleaning Myths

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    Professional rug cleaning is growing in popularity throughout Jacksonville, but so are myths associated with the process.  Let us dispel the confusion and help you determine the best way to clean your area rugs:

    Myth: Deep cleaning will damage my rug.

    FALSE. If you attempt to deep clean your rug yourself, or send it to a subpar service, you do risk damaging the rug.  However, when you trust your Oriental area rug to a highly rated professional rug cleaning company, deep cleaning is good for your rug, and also necessary in order to keep it in the best condition possible.

    Myth: If my pet has an “accident” on the rug, I can just wipe it up.

    FALSE.  If your pet has an accident on your area rug, you cannot treat the pet urine or feces like any other spill.  You need to act quickly and take all the correct steps in order to prevent the pet urine from causing significant damage to your rug.  If you value your rug, the best advice is that when pets have accidents on the rug, you hire a high-quality rug cleaning service and allow the experts to clean the rug professionally and completely.

    Myth: Vacuuming is enough for keeping my rug clean.

    FALSE.  While routine vacuuming is a critical part of keeping your area rugs in great shape, it is not enough.  Knowledgeable rug owners, collectors, and sellers agree that regular deep cleaning at a professional rug cleaning company is necessary for keeping the fibers in your Persian rug clean and protected.

    Myth: All area rugs are essentially the same.  

    FALSE.  Area rugs differ greatly from one another.  The method of construction, types of fibers used, region of origin, type of dye, and many other features each help to determine the best ways to care for your particular rug, including the safest and most effective ways to keep it clean.

    Myth: All rug cleaning companies are the same.

    FALSE.  Don’t hire just anyone to clean your Oriental or Persian area rug.  Rug cleaning is an art form that requires extensive and detailed knowledge of rug construction and fibers, cleaning products, cleaning methods, and many other facets.  Your hand knotted area rug represents an investment, and it should only be trusted to highly rated professional rug cleaners in your area.

    Your favorite area rugs add warmth, aesthetic, and an element of history to your home, and they need to be cleaned and cared for with the skill and precision they deserve.  There are many good professional rug cleaning companies in Northeast Florida, but RugPro is the best rug cleaning service Jacksonville FL homeowners trust with their rugs.  We’ve deep cleaned countless precious area rugs for customers in San Marco, Ponte Vedra, Atlantic Beach, and throughout the region, and we’d love to help keep your area rugs in great shape too!