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    5 Unexpected Benefits of a Good Area Rug

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    Homeowners generally buy rugs for aesthetic reasons, such as to tie the room together, add warmth and color, or to maintain an element of timeless sophistication in the room.  In addition to these visual factors, did you know Persian and Oriental area rugs have several important unexpected benefits?

    1. Noise Reduction– A good area rug will absorb much of the noise in a room.  Sound will bounce off hard floors and bare walls, but your rug will absorb noises and echoes and make footsteps quieter.
    2. Safety– If you have pets or young kids, an Oriental area rug is more than just a luxury – it’s a safety precaution!  Children and pets climb on (and jump off) the furniture, run through the room, and occasionally can take a spill.  A fine Persian rug provides some shock absorption and a softer landing spot than a hard tile or wood floor!
    3. Comfort– Walking in your bare feet across a luxury rug is considerably more comfortable than walking across cold tile or hardwood flooring.  The wool or silk of your rug feels softer to the touch, but also absorbs some of the impact when you walk or stand on it, which takes some of the pressure off of your body.
    4. Warmth – A good area rug not only promotes a feeling of warmth, but also can literally add warmth to your home, particularly if you keep a rug pad beneath your rug, as recommended. The densely knotted wool and silk fibers found in the best area rugs act as insulation for your home.
    5. Cleanliness– Area rugs act as traps for dust, debris, and such.  This is great for keeping your floors clean and trapping allergens to keep your air cleaner.  However—and this is extremely important— it’s for this very reason that you need to vacuum regularly and schedule routine cleaning with a highly rated local rug cleaner for your Oriental area rug.  If you allow your rug to collect this dirt and debris but do not provide deep cleaning for the rug itself, this benefit is negated!

    There are many good rug cleaning companies in Jacksonville FL, but RugPro is the best rug cleaning service Jacksonville, Mandarin, Ponte Vedra Beach, and Riverside customers trust with their Oriental rugs.  Deep rug cleaning is our specialty, and our expert rug cleaners customize the rug cleaning process based on the needs of each rug and the desires of the rug’s owner.  This means we clean each rug perfectly each time!  Your luxury rugs deserve luxury cleaning, and we are the highly rated rug cleaners for the job!