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    The Best Tips for Vacuuming Your Oriental Rug

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    Regular vacuuming is one of the best ways to preserve and protect your Oriental rug and keep it looking great. However, it’s just as important to vacuum your rug correctly as it is to vacuum it at all.  Our tips can help!

    1. In general, you’ll almost always want to adjust the vacuum so that the lowest suction is being used, and so the brush or bristles are not engaged.  Overly strong suction will damage your rug, and the bristles can dig into your rug and tear and break the fibers.  When using upright vacuums, adjust the height of the rotary brush or turn off the rotation altogether.  If your vacuum will not allow you to make these adjustments, then it’s best to only use the attachments.
    2. Make sure you understand the fiber content of your rug.  The materials that make up your rug, as well as how it’s constructed, both affect how you should vacuum and how often.  For example:
      1. If your rug is flat woven or has very low pile, be sure to use the upholstery attachment rather than the vacuum itself.  If you do not have an upholstery attachment, adjust your vacuum so that the rotary brush is as high as it can go, so that the bristles will not make contact with the rug.  
      2. If your rug has low or thin pile, vacuum in the same direction as the pile.  
      3. If your rug is flat woven, vacuum across the width of the rug.  
      4. If your rug is woven but has a sturdy pile, first adjust your vacuum so that the bristles do not come into contact with the rug’s fibers, and then vacuum in the same direction as the pile.  You want to utilize the suction of the vacuum, but avoid the damage that abrasive bristles can do.
    3. Fine Oriental rugs should be vacuumed weekly.  For rugs in areas of heavy foot traffic, vacuum several times per week.
    4. Every 1-2 months be sure to vacuum the backside of your rug as well, in order to loosen dirt and debris from the underside.
    5. Know when to call on a professional rug cleaning company.  If your rug has recently been professionally cleaned, you’ll only need to lightly vacuum your rug in order to maintain it till its next cleaning.  However, if your rug has been stuffed into an attic, forgotten for years in a guest room, etc., routine vacuuming will not be effective enough, and you’ll need to schedule an appointment with a good rug cleaning company.  

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    Vacuuming Your Oriental Rug