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  • Drying Rugs After Cleaning

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    Persian and Oriental rugs need to be professionally deep cleaned from time to time in order to keep them in good shape.  There are many reasons to have your area rugs professionally cleaned by high quality rug cleaning companies.  For example, the best rug cleaners employ trained experts to handle the rug cleaning process.  The highest quality cleaning supplies and the best cleaning methods are used.  One lesser-known reason it’s important to find good professional rug cleaners to clean your Oriental rugs has to do with the issue of drying.

    It’s very important that your rug is properly dried after cleaning.  If the fibers are allowed to stay damp, resoiling can occur, or mildew or mold could begin to grow, all of which would be detrimental to your rug’s fibers and backing.  After deep cleaning, the rug must be thoroughly dried to avoid these problems, and the best way to ensure this happens is to trust your area rugs to good professional rug cleaning technicians.  The best rug cleaning companies train the technicians to properly dry rug fibers, beginning with the water extraction step during cleaning.  In this step, professional rug cleaning technicians use heavy tools to push out any water that remains in the rug’s fibers.  This step can be cumbersome, but it is absolutely necessary in ensuring your area rug can properly dry.  The area rug is then carefully positioned on industrial drying racks, with high powered fans and a dehumidifying system put in place to make sure all moisture is pulled from the rug’s fibers.

    Good quality rug cleaning is an art that your heirloom Oriental rugs deserve.  Hire the best rug cleaning service in your area to ensure your rug is cleaned the right way when needed, so that it is protected for the long run.  There are many good rug cleaning services in the area, but RugPro is the best rug cleaning company Jacksonville FL homeowners trust with their area rugs.  Our customers in the Riverside, San Marco, Ponte Vedra Beach, Atlantic Beach, or Jacksonville area will attest that we’re the trustworthy rug cleaning service in town and the best choice for your rugs.