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  • Why Hire Pro Rug Cleaners?

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    You know it’s important to keep your rug clean, but can you do this yourself, or should you hire professional rug cleaners to do it?  Our tips can help you decide when to schedule a cleaning appointment with the best local rug cleaning company!

    • Method – High quality handknotted Oriental rugs need to be cleaned using specific methods. The best way to clean your Persian rugs is in a rug bath, where the method of washing emulates the river currents of ancient times.
    • Skill – To get your area rug truly clean takes skill and training. When your rug needs to be deep cleaned with water and cleaning solutions and not just “spot cleaned,” you need to call on a great rug cleaning service that invests time and training into their technicians in order to guarantee great results.
    • Safety – Hiring professional rug cleaners to clean your Oriental rug is safer for your rug. If you clean your rug yourself, do you know what to do if the rug starts bleeding dye?  Highly trained rug cleaning experts do know how to handle this.  If you clean your Oriental rug yourself, you risk damaging it; if you call on a good rug cleaning company like RugPro, you can rest assured your rug will be cleaned well and without incident.
    • Customized Cleaning – A great rug cleaning company values custom cleaning and will take the time to understand your rug’s makeup, history, problem areas, usage, etc., along with your desired results, and the technicians will then design and implement the best cleaning routine based on that information. As a result, your rug receives the best possible cleaning, you love the way it looks and feels afterward, and it’s ready to be enjoyed for time to come!
    • Cost Effective – It may seem counterintuitive but calling on highly rated rug cleaning professionals can save you money. By the time you rent the cleaning equipment you need, figure out how to use it, and spend the day cleaning your rug, you will have spent much of your time, money, and energy that could have been spent doing something else, something that you love.  Trust your rug to a great rug cleaner, and then just relax.  Your rug will look great, and you won’t need to have worried about it.

    There are many great Jacksonville rug cleaning companies, but RugPro is the trusted professional rug cleaner for homeowners throughout Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Mandarin, Southside, Riverside, and the greater Jacksonville area.  We love what we do and it shows!  We have rave reviews and devoted customers, and we’d love to provide the same level of service to you and your rugs.