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    An Oriental Rug in Every Room of the House

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    A classic Oriental rug is a mainstay of living rooms everywhere, and can occasionally be found in bedrooms or other areas.  Why limit where you arrange something as timeless, versatile, and beautiful as a Persian or Oriental rug?  Here are some ideas for incorporating Oriental rugs into any room in the house.

    • Kitchen – The kitchen is a great place for an Oriental rug, with one caveat: you want to be sure you have a few great rug cleaning services in your area to clean the rug regularly, as food spills will be a hazard.  Just have your local rug cleaner apply a good quality stain protector and your rug will stay in good shape between your regular maintenance and routine professional cleanings.
    • Bedroom – Wool Oriental rugs are not only beautiful, they’re also comfortable to walk on.  Arrange a rug beneath your bed, or flank the guest bed with two runners, and you’ll have flooring that is not only lovely to look at but comfortable to walk on and enjoy.
    • Bathroom – Some rug lovers may think that putting an Oriental rug in a bathroom is a stretch.  You’d need to be vigilant in having the rug cleaned regularly by good professional rug cleaners in order to keep mildew and other moisture issues at bay.  However, it would all be worth it.  An area rug or runner in front of your sink would give you something beautiful to look and comfortable to stand on as you get ready in the morning.
    • Hallway – Runners are the perfect addition to any hallway.  The deep blues, reds, and browns that are so common in Oriental rugs are perfect at hiding dirt that is tracked in, and withstanding the heavy foot traffic that hallways inevitably experience.  Of course, because of those two very reasons, you’ll want to be sure to have your rug professionally cleaned routinely, but you won’t regret the decision to make your hallway that much more welcoming and comfortable.  
    • Dining Room – The cornerstone of the dining room is of course the dining room table, and then the chairs that go around it.  Frame the set with an oversized Oriental rug and you’ll complete the room and add a welcoming touch that is perfect for small, family dinners as well as elaborate dinner parties.  
    • Family Room – Oriental rugs are known for quality craftsmanship and luxury, and therefore such a rug in a family room or playroom might seem incongruous.  A trusted rug cleaner will be able to rid the rug of stains and help counteract excessive wear, so you can confidently arrange an Oriental rug in either of these rooms and encourage your family to enjoy it to the fullest.
    • Living Room – The living room is an obvious choice for area rugs of all kinds, and there’s really no wrong way to enjoy such a rug in your living room.

    Short of the garage, there’s really no place you can’t display and enjoy an Oriental rug!  The trick is to have a highly rated rug cleaning company that you can call on to keep each rug in great shape.  RugPro Oriental Rug Cleaning is the best rug cleaning company Jacksonville FL rug owners trust with their area rugs and runners of every kind.  Our highly trained rug cleaning specialists are passionate about rugs and know how to thoroughly clean every type of rug, treat stains, and provide the very best care and cleaning.  There are many good rug cleaning services in the area, but our Riverside Avondale, Ortega, Ponte Vedra Beach, St. Augustine, and Jacksonville clients know that for the very best care, your call should be to RugPro.

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