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  • Persian Rugs v. Oriental Rugs

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    What’s the difference between Persian rugs and Oriental rugs?  As quality rug cleaning professionals, we get asked this question frequently, even by devout collectors of handknotted rugs.  After all, Persian area rugs and Oriental area rugs share many common features: high quality construction, bold colors, intricate patterns, plush pile, and shared motifs, to name a few.  So, what’s the difference?

    Interestingly, the difference between your Oriental rug and your Persian rug is entirely based on geography.  Oriental rugs are constructed by hand in central Asia and may originate from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet, Iraq, Russia, or Turkey.  These countries in this region were once known simply as “The Orient,” and modern-day Iran, known then as the “Persian Empire,” was included.  Rugs from the “Persian Empire” became outliers, renown for their extraordinary quality which boasted a higher count of knots per square inch than rugs from the other areas of the region.  Rugs from the “Persian Empire” became known as Persian rugs, and remained differentiated by their topnotch quality.  In short, the difference between Oriental rugs and Persian rugs is based on their point of origin, and though all Persian rugs or “Oriental rugs,” only Oriental rugs constructed in Iran are truly “Persian rugs.”

    Whether you are the proud owner of a Persian Tabriz, Kashan, or Heriz, or an afficionado of Oriental Gabbeh rugs, Isfahan rugs, or Sarouks, your rug deserves high quality professional rug cleaning to match its high quality handknotted construction and quality dyes.  Not just any local rug cleaning company will do; you need the best rug cleaning technicians in your area to handle your beautiful rug and clean it completely and correctly.

    RugPro Oriental Rug Cleaning is the best professional rug cleaning service Jacksonville FL rug owners have relied on for years.  Handknotted Persian and Oriental rugs are our passion, and we’d love to help care for yours.  We’re the trusted rug cleaning company throughout Mandarin, Riverside, San Marco, Ponte Vedra Beach, and Jacksonville Beach, and we’re here for you too!