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  • Pet Hair & Your Oriental Rug

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    We love our pets, and we generally don’t even mind handling the messes that are inherent to owning a pet.  However, when pet hair and dander is allowed to continually build up on your area rugs, problems will arise.  Here are our pro tips for managing pet hair in order to protect your Oriental rugs.

    1. Regular Vacuuming – Regular vacuuming is often the number one way to keep your Persian rugs in good shape. Vacuum at least weekly, and more frequently in high traffic areas in order to remove hair, fur, dander, fleas or other insects, bacteria, dust, and debris before it can burrow down into the rug’s backing.
    2. Regular Grooming – Routine grooming and baths for your pet will help mitigate pet hair problems and will generally keep your pet more comfortable anyway!
    3. Tape – The sticky rolls of tape that you use to remove pet hair from your clothing can also be used to remove hair and fur from your upholstered furniture and even your rugs.
    4. Professional Cleaning – Nothing beats high quality professional rug cleaners when it comes to keeping your Oriental rug in good shape and protecting and preserving it from damage. The best rug cleaning service in your area will have highly trained rug cleaning experts ready to tackle any issue that has befallen your rug, including stains and spills, excess pet hair, and more.  Find the best local rug cleaning professionals and trust your rugs to them for routine maintenance cleaning as well as deep cleaning.

    Yes, we love our pets, but we also love our wool and silk rugs, and with the right care, everyone can coexist happily. Vacuum regularly, keep your pet’s hair and fur under control, and find the best rug cleaning service in your area and book regular cleanings.  There are many great professional rug cleaners Jacksonville FL homeowners can call on, but RugPro Oriental Cleaning is the best rug cleaning company in town and the service to trust with your rugs.  We’ve served rug owners in Riverside, San Marco, downtown Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, and all along the Beaches, and our clients trust us and love the results of our maintenance rug cleaning, deep cleaning, and other offerings.  Give us a call and we’ll handle all of your rug cleaning needs!