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  • How To Protect Your Rug From Heavy Furniture

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    Heavy furniture leaves indentations on carpet and rugs, and you may wonder if this will cause lasting damage to your beloved Oriental or Persian rug.  Most indentations gradually disappear over time, and you can help them along by placing an ice cube over the sunken area.  However, in some cases, depending on the fragility of the rug, the weight of the furniture, the material and condition of the furniture’s legs, and other issues, you could risk doing damage to the rug.

    We recommend protecting your rug from heavy furniture in these ways:

    • Move Furniture When Vacuuming – Whenever you move furniture to vacuum your rug, reposition the furniture so that it is slightly different than before. In other words, don’t place the feet of the furniture back into the indentions that they left in the rug; let those areas have a rest.
    • Use a Rug Pad – A good quality rug pad, in the appropriate dimensions for your rug, will do a lot to protect and preserve your rug. It also helps to keep the rug in place and prevent it from bunching or folding.
    • Use Furniture Pads – Protect your rug on both sides by ensuring a rug pad is properly in place, and also that there are pads underneath all furniture legs. Larger or heavier items, such as entertainment centers or pianos should have larger dent protectors underneath them in order to disperse the weight over a larger area over the rug.

    With the right precautions, your heavy sofa, overstuffed chairs, and grand piano can indeed be placed on your favorite area rugs with very little risk.  And when the time comes to dust or deep clean the rugs, trust them to a highly rated local rug cleaning company like RugPro!

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