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    How to Protect Your Rug in High Traffic Areas

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    Oriental rugs in common living areas in your home receive a lot of use.  Aside from simply keeping them clean, tackling spills as soon as they occur, and ensuring pets and kids don’t cause too much damage, you also need to consider the high traffic areas of the rugs.  How can you protect those areas where foot traffic is so much heavier?  Our tips can help!

    1. Use doormats outside and consider a “no shoes” rule. Be sure there’s a doormat just outside of all main entrances to your home.  Guests and family members should always wipe their feet before coming inside.  Also, decide if you want to enforce a no shoes rule for inside the house.  If people have sock feet, or at least clean shoes, less dirt and debris will get tracked onto the rug, particularly in those traffic areas.
    2. Vacuum frequently.Though you already know it’s important to vacuum your Oriental and Persian rugs at least weekly (and every 1-2 months, flip it over and vacuum the backside too), we recommend vacuuming high traffic areas even more frequently.  Don’t give that sand, dirt, and debris a chance to get into the rug’s fibers where it does its damage!
    3. Rotate or shift the rugs regularly.Those area rugs in high traffic areas need to be moved routinely.  Depending on where the rug is located, the angle of the traffic “lanes”, etc., you can rotate the rug, or move it slightly in one direction, or otherwise just make sure the rug gets repositioned regularly so that the fibers in the high traffic areas can get a break from all the foot traffic.
    4. Schedule professional cleaning. The best way to care for your fine area rugs is to have them routinely cleaned by a great professional rug cleaning company.  Once you find the best rug cleaners in your area, discuss each rug in detail with the rug cleaning technicians.  Good rug cleaners want to know every issue that affects your rugs, including if and where your rug receives extensive foot traffic.

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