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    How To Recognize a High Quality Rug

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    To many of us, there is nothing more beautiful than a high quality rug.  However, not all rugs are created equally, and there are many features that determine the quality and value of an Oriental or Persian rug.  Whether you’re interested in knowing more about the quality of your own favorite rug, or in the market for another one, our tips will help you find your way among the thousands of styles of beautiful Oriental rugs.

    A rug’s value cannot be determined by a sole characteristic, but rather requires a more thorough assessment of the following features:

    • Style– First and foremost, make note of the rug style.  The main categories of rug are machine-made, hand-tufted, or hand-knotted.  Even a high quality machine-made rug or tufted rug cannot compare in quality to a rug that has been knotted or woven by hand.  A rug that is designated as “hand-knotted” or “hand woven” has been constructed entirely by hand, and is a unique piece of art.
    • Age – The age of your rug can have a lot to do with its quality.  Contemporary rugs can be made of the finest materials and made using the time-honored construction methods from centuries ago, but will still be far less valuable than an heirloom antique.  Also consider the rug’s age relative to the condition.  A rug that is decades old will be lower in value if it has not been maintained or has fallen into disrepair.
    • Knot Density – Knot density or knot count is the most well-known method of determining a rug’s value.  This can be calculated by counting the number of knots per square unit.  For example, to discover a rug’s KPI, or knots per square inch, select 1-inch by 1-inch portion of the rug and count the knots extending in each direction.  Typically, the finer the material, the higher the knot count, and the higher the value of the rug.
    • Weave – Weaving technique is a major indicator of the value of a rug.  The foundation fibers of a rug are often made of cotton, but on extremely fine silk rugs, the foundation itself may also be made of silk.  Symmetry is highly valued in rug weaving, so symmetry in rug size, imagery, and knot construction will all indicate higher value.
    • Country of Origin – An Oriental rug can be made in China, India, Turkey, or in almost any country across Asia, and each country has its own style and design motifs for which it is known.  Among these Asian countries, certain ones have more inherent value than others.  For example, a rug from Iran (or a Persian rug) will likely be more valuable than a rug from any other country in the region.  Even within each country, the specific village or tribe may be specifically noted for its rug construction, and therefore, more valuable.
    • Fiber Type – The fibers that make up your rug will determine its quality.  Oriental rugs are made of silk or wool, and the two categories may be further subdivided according to the grade of the fibers.  For example, the wool from sheep in higher elevations is more luxurious than the wool of other sheep.  Whether the wool was hand spun or machine spun before weaving, will even affect the feel of the rug, and therefore, its quality and value.
    • Dye – The dyes used in your rug are just as important as the fibers when determining your rug’s quality.  Synthetic and chemical-based dyes are less desirable than natural dyes.  Natural dyes, such as vegetable dyes cost more to produce and require additional labor.  They must be applied using specific skill and much experience.

    The higher the quality of your rug, the better care you want to take of it.  There are good rug cleaning companies, and then there are great rug cleaning companies, and you want the very best professional rug cleaner for your valuable Persian or Oriental rug.

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