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  • Removing Pet Urine from Rugs

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    When your pet has an “accident” on your beloved Oriental area rug, speed is critical.  The sooner you can address the spill, and the faster you can extract the pet urine, the better the chances you’ll be able to protect your rug against the damage that can be sustained from the urine stain.

    Why is it so important that you clean up pet accidents as quickly as possible?  Pet urine is highly acidic when it is released, and when this acid comes into contact with the acid dyes in your rug, this chemical reaction can change the color of your rug and create a deep-set stain that can become permanent.  Protect your color and beauty – and cleanliness – of your rug by acting quickly to clean up pet urine!

    Here is what to do when your pet pees on your Persian rug:

    1. Assess – Check how deep the urine has spread into the rug. If the urine has seeped into the backing of the rug, the best solution is to call on a highly rated professional rug cleaning company.  Professional rug cleaning will be required in order to thoroughly wash the rug and attempt to remove all urine from the rug’s fibers and foundation.
    2. Blot – Using a clean cotton towel, gently blot the area. Continually blot the spill until the urine stops transferring.  We recommend using a white towel to blot so that it’s easier to determine when the urine is no longer being absorbed.
    3. Pressure – Fold a fresh, clean cotton towel and place it underneath the rug, directly under the spill or problem area. Place another clean cotton towel on the face of the rug, directly over the spill.  Then put as much pressure or weight on the area as you can, ideally by standing on the area.  By placing clean, dry cotton towels on both ends of the spill and then applying pressure, the majority of the spill should absorb into the towels.  Stand on the towel for several minutes.  Then replace the towels with yet more clean dry towels and set something heavy on the top towel, such as brick.  Do not place heavy books on the affected area, or anything else that the urine could transfer to.
    4. Check for Odor – Once you have extracted all contaminated moisture from the rug onto your towels, check the rug for odor. If you detect odor, you should contact the best local rug cleaning service and schedule a restoration cleaning appointment right away.  Even if you do not detect odor, we strongly advise hiring a high-quality rug cleaning company to examine your rug and discuss cleaning options.  If you were able to remove most of the urine, your rug could likely still benefit from professional deep cleaning.  If you did not address the urine spill quickly enough or adequately, the rug will require professional deep cleaning, ideally in a rug bath with a custom designed cleaning regimen.
    5. Post-Cleaning Protectant – If you have pets, be sure to have your professional rug cleaning team apply a protectant to your rug after it has been cleaned.

    Pet lovers know we have to take the bad with the good, but pet urine can spell disaster for your prized area rug if the spill or stain is not handled correctly and immediately.  If you have pets in your home, become familiar with the best rug cleaning service in your area!  Pet owners in Ponte Vedra Beach, Atlantic Beach, Riverside, and San Marco call on RugPro Oriental Rug Cleaning for everything from light dusting to restorative deep cleaning for their rugs.  We are the best professional rug cleaning service Jacksonville FL homeowners rely on, and we’d love the opportunity to provide deep cleaning for your Oriental rugs!