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  • Rug Bath Benefits

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    Fine Oriental area rugs are nothing short of works of art.  The deeply colored dyes, ornate design motifs, and exquisite handwork from artisan weavers come together to create something truly magnificent.  The silk and wool fibers used in these rugs are densely knotted, which is both a mark of high-quality rug construction and an indicator that when the time comes to clean the rug, it must be done correctly.

    Rug owners in Southside, Ponte Vedra Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Jacksonville know that this means calling on RugPro for professional deep cleaning in a “rug bath.”  In a professional rug bath, the rug is submerged into a specially constructed pool in which water and high-quality cleaning solutions gently wash over it, mimicking the way Persian rugs were cleaned in river currents in centuries past.

    Here are top benefits of hiring great professional rug cleaners to hand clean your rug in a rug bath:

    • Thorough – No rug cleaning process gets your wool area rug cleaner than a rug bath. The rug is submerged into water mixed with the right cleaning solutions to effectively loosen and flush out the rug’s fibers of dirt, debris, and stains.  Even sand and dander that are buried deep in the rug fibers are removed by professional deep rug cleaning.
    • Safe – When a fine area rug is placed into a specially prepared rug bath, it is under the watchful eye of the rug cleaning technician. The best rug cleaning companies train technicians extensively to identify exactly what the rug cleaning process will require in order to clean the rug safely and effectively.
    • Reliable – As stated above, the rug bath cleaning process emulates the process of cleaning handknotted rugs in the currents of the river. This time-honored process has been used for centuries, beginning in tandem with the beginning of wool and silk handknotted rugs themselves.  The rug bath system has worked for hundreds and hundreds of years and remains the reliable way to rid Oriental and Persian rugs of dust and debris and provide clean, soft fibers.

    Good professional rug cleaning companies know how to deep clean your area rug thoroughly and gently, and when your fine rug is in need of cleaning, whether simple dusting, restorative or deep cleaning, or anything in between, RugPro is the best rug cleaning company Jacksonville FL rug owners continue to rely on.