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  • Should My Rug Be Cleaned in My Home or in a Facility?

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    You may be wondering if it’s possible to have your area rug cleaned within your home. There are many good Jacksonville FL rug cleaning companies, and certain ones do offer this service.  However, though this seems convenient, it is not recommended.  Here’s why:

    1. Cleaning Rugs Inside a Home May Cause Damage to the Home– Rug cleaning is like any cleaning project: considerable water and cleaning solutions are required in order to get the rug thoroughly cleaned. If a rug is cleaned inside your home, the cleaning process could cause damage to areas of the home, including the underlying floor and nearby furniture.  For a rug to be successfully cleaned, it often needs to be submerged in a rug bath where moving water can circulate through the fibers and truly give the rug a deep clean.  Even if dry cleaning solutions are used on a rug, they cannot be used inside a house without risking damage to the surrounding space.
    2. Rugs Require Specialized Equipment– Fine wool Oriental and Persian rugs cannot be cleaned using ordinary cleaning equipment. Though they do benefit from traditional vacuuming, they need specialized dusting machinery to truly loosen and remove the debris and dust from deep within the dense fibers.  Furthermore, they typically need to be spread out in a large-scale bath, and then have the water squeegeed out using heavy duty equipment.  Finally, they need to be dried on a float table or hung from a drying tower.  This equipment cannot be transported from house to house.  Instead, a rug must be taken to the rug cleaning facility to experience a true, customized deep cleaning.
    3. Rugs Require Specially Trained Technicians– If a company offers to clean a rug in your home, chances are they’re part of a carpet cleaning company. Carpet cleaners are trained specifically to clean carpet.  This means your handknotted silk Persian rug would be cleaned using the same method and skills as would be used on standard acrylic carpet. As you can imagine, your rug (and you) will be left wanting.  Though a synthetic area rug could theoretically be successfully cleaned by a carpet cleaner, your silk or wool Oriental rug would likely sustain damage if it were to undergo the standard carpet cleaning process.

    In some very rare instances, exceedingly large rugs do need to be cleaned in place, rather than in the rug cleaning facility.  In these rare but important situations, a professional rug cleaning expert will need to perform the cleaning process.  The rug expert will have a specific protocol for oversized rugs and will take all the precautions to thoroughly clean your rug while protecting the surrounding area.

    The best rug cleaning company Jacksonville FL homeowners trust with their rugs is RugPro Oriental Rug Cleaning.  We offer the most thorough deep cleaning process available, and most importantly, we handle your beautiful rugs with the highest possible standard of care.  We’re the trusted rug cleaning service for homes and rugs throughout Riverside, St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra, Nocatee, and Jacksonville, and we’d love to provide your Oriental rug with a quality, deep cleaning