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    The Importance of a Good Rug Pad | RugPro Oriental Rug Cleaning Jacksonville FL

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    Many rug owners do not realize the importance of a good rug pad and the role it plays in keeping their rugs in good shape.  Oriental rugs are investments, and when they are placed directly on top of hard tile, wood, or vinyl flooring, or even onto carpet in some cases, they depreciate and wear out much faster than they would on a rug pad.  Take the time to select and install a proper rug pad that is the right thickness and material to support your area rug, and as a result, your rug will look and feel great for years to come.

    Here are the main ways a rug pad can benefit your rug:

    • The pad cushions your rug against pressure.  A pad essentially adds thickness to the rug, and forms a buffer between the fine fibers of the rug and the hard floor.  A pad protects the rug from many kinds of pressure, including foot traffic, the blunt heaviness of oversized furniture, and the sharp or pointed legs and spindles of finer furniture.  Unfortunately, too much cushion can also damage your rug by straining it.  Your local rug cleaning company will have technicians who are able to recommend the right thickness for your specific rug.
    • A rug pad helps your rug lay flat.  A rug placed on top of carpet needs a pad to keep it from creeping, bunching, or wrinkling, all of which could cause you to trip.  Likewise, a rug placed on top of wood floors, tile, cement, or other hard flooring needs a pad to keep it from slipping and sliding.  Tripping over wrinkled rugs and slipping on rugs that aren’t secured can be dangerous, and are risks you take by not utilizing a rug pad.  Not only that, but tripping on the rug can harm not just you, but also the rug itself.
    • A rug pad protects the floor beneath the rug.  The pad not only protects the rug from the flooring, but also protects the flooring from the rug.  Dyes in handmade Oriental rugs may transfer or stain the flooring beneath them, and rugs made of tougher fibers could possibly scratch or mar a polished wood floor.  A properly placed rug pad will prevent all of this from happening.

    A rug pad is a vital part of protecting and caring for your Oriental rug, and it should not be forgotten.  The importance of a proper rug pad is rivaled only by proper rug cleaning, and RugPro Oriental Rug Cleaners can take care of both!  RugPro is the best professional rug cleaning company Jacksonville FL rug owners call on for rug cleaning, rug pad installation, and all other rug care needs.  We are the favorite rug cleaning and pad installation company of homeowners throughout Northeast Florida, including St. Augustine, Fernandina Beach, Atlantic Beach, Ortega, Riverside Avondale, downtown Jacksonville, and beyond.  Call on the best Jacksonville FL rug cleaning service for your rug and rug pad.  

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