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  • Rug Placement Tips

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    It’s easy to think there’s no wrong way to arrange an area rug, and that well-crafted Persian rugs are so beautiful and exquisite they’d look good in any room, in any arrangement, and in any environment.  While in some ways this is true, certain rules of interior design show us that there are in fact ideal ways to arrange your rug in a room.  Here are tips for rug placement from the professionals (us!):

    • Living Room – When planning how to arrange your living room furniture over your new area rug, there are two main ways to do this, depending on the size of your room and the size of the rug. In one scenario, all legs of all furniture are on the rug.  The sofa or sectional legs, chair legs, end table legs, etc. are all positioned on the rug, with no legs on the underlying flooring.  In smaller rooms, you can position the front two legs of larger furniture on the rug, and end tables or the coffee table will have all legs on the rug.  This arrangement can also help smaller rooms feel larger.  In either scenario, the room should feel balanced.
    • Dining Room – When choosing the best rug for the dining room, or when arranging your rug in the dining room in the optimal way, the primary rule is for all legs of all chairs to be on the rug, whether the chairs are pushed in, or guests are sitting in them. This can be tricky in small rooms, or if you have a large dining room table, but it is the look that will provide the most pleasing aesthetic for your rug and for the room.
    • Bedroom – In bedrooms, there are several ways to arrange your area rugs for the best look. You can choose to have two smaller rugs or even two runners and position them on either side of the bed.  Or you can choose to have a single, larger area rug, generally positioned underneath the bed with the upper two legs of the bed on the bare flooring and the lower two legs of the bed on the rug.  If you have a very large Oriental rug, all four legs of the bed can be positioned on the rug, as can all legs of nightstands or other furniture that is near the bed.

    Your Oriental area rugs deserve the best: they should be arranged in rooms that highlight their beauty, and when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, that means scheduling routine maintenance cleaning – and deep cleaning when needed – with a high-quality local rug cleaning company.  There are many good rug cleaning companies in the area, but RugPro is the best rug cleaning service Jacksonville FL rug owners have relied on for years.  We’re passionate about Oriental rugs, and it shows!  We’re the trusted rug cleaners for Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra, and Riverside, specializing in the highest quality rug cleaning coupled with outstanding customer service.  When the time comes to deep clean your area rugs, call on us!