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  • Rugs for Small Spaces

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    As devout rug lovers, we believe there’s a beautiful handknotted area rug for any room in the house, even the smallest rooms!  Here are some tips for finding the best rug for the small spaces in your home:

    1. Solid Hues – Busy patterns and high contrast can make small spaces feel even smaller, so try solid hues or soft, simple, neutral patterns.
    2. Stripes – A striped pattern can make the room seem larger. If you arrange the rug so that the strips are horizontal, the room will seem wider, and if the stripes are vertical, the room will seem longer.  Take advantage of this optical illusion, and your striped area rug can make a small space seem much more spacious.
    3. Room-Sized Rug – Room sized rugs are great for small spaces, and light hues and tones make the room feel still larger.
    4. Padding – Even in small spaces, remember to get a high-quality rug pad for your rug. Good rug pads preserve the rug and make it more comfortable to walk on.

    Once you’ve determined the best rugs for small rooms in your home, be sure to schedule routine cleaning to keep the rug in great shape!  All the best Jacksonville FL rug cleaners provide maintenance cleaning, deep cleaning, and other customized cleanings, and can provide rug pads for underneath your rug and rug protectant for overtop your rug.  In short, when you find the best rug cleaner in your area, it will be easy to make sure your rug stays in great shape for years to come!  RugPro is the best professional rug cleaning company used by homeowners and rug lovers in Southside, San Marco, Riverside, Ortega, and Jacksonville FL.  Call on us for your rug cleaning needs!