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    Tips For Vacuuming Your Wool Rug

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    Routinely vacuuming your rug will do wonders to keep it looking great from day to day, as well as help to preserve it long term. The best professional rug cleaners will tell you that it’s just as important to vacuum your rug correctly as it is to vacuum it at all. Use our tips to make sure you are vacuuming your Oriental rug the right way!

    1. First and foremost, take a moment to inspect the rug. If your rug is an antique, or if it is especially delicate or brittle, vacuum with caution. For the best results, use a vacuum attachment with a brush on the end, and gently go over the surface of the rug. Otherwise, if the rug is not brittle or delicate, your canister or upright vacuum will do an adequate job of suctioning the dirt, sand, and debris from your rug. Begin by using the lowest suction available, and increase the suction only as needed.

    2. Vacuum in the direction of the pile. If your rug is flat woven, vacuum across the width of it.

    3. Don’t run the vacuum over the rug’s fringe. This will likely result in fraying. Instead, use the vacuum’s handheld attachment to clean the fringe.

    4. If your rug has serged edges, avoid running the vacuum over these edges more than once or twice, as this may cause the fibers to loosen and the finished edge to therefore deteriorate.

    5. Vacuum the rug front AND back. It might seem odd to flip your rug over and vacuum its underside, but this is an effective way to get out even more dirt and grit before it has the chance to damage the rug’s backing.

    6. Don’t forget the wall hangings. The rugs on the floor are not the only ones that need to be vacuumed. Rugs act as great air filters no matter where they are, so if you have any rugs that are hanging on the wall, or any other rugs that are displayed in less traditional ways, those, too, must be vacuumed.

    7. Rotate rugs after dusting. In high traffic areas, rotate the rug so that it does not get worn more in some places than others.

    8. Vacuum regularly. The key to keeping your rug in great shape is maintenance. For rugs in high traffic areas, try to vacuum once per week, or twice per month. This way your rug is far more likely to stay in great shape than if you only vacuum it once a year during spring cleaning. Dirt particles are sharp against the fine wool and silk threads of your rug, and will corrode them when left to settle into the fibers. Instead, chase them out with routine vacuuming.

    9. Ready for the best tip of all? Take the worry and hassle out of it and call on a good professional rug cleaning company to dust your rug!

    Dust, dirt, and grit are highly corrosive and damaging to your rug’s fibers, but a great professional rug cleaner can help! At RugPro Oriental Rug Cleaning, we specialize in gently but thoroughly removing all debris from wool and silk fibers. We have the best rug dusting equipment on the market, and usually remove several pounds of sand, soil, dirt, and debris from rugs. RugPro is the best rug cleaning company Jacksonville FL homeowners love to call on for the highest quality rug cleaning and the best in customer care.
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