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  • Vacuuming v. Rug Dusting

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    Homeowners and rug collectors know the importance of routine vacuuming, but what’s the difference between weekly or biweekly vacuuming and professional rug dusting?

    • Frequency– We recommend vacuuming your Oriental rugs weekly.High traffic areas benefit from being vacuumed more frequently.  You should also routinely flip the rug over and vacuum the underside as well.  (It’s a good idea to rotate the rugs at this time to avoid the rugs getting worn in certain paths and areas.)  Rug dusting, on the other hand, is recommended every 6-12 months.
    • Equipment– When you vacuum your rug, you can just use the upright vacuum you use to clean your carpet, though you’ll want to be sure the beater brush is raised as high as it can go. Rug dusting requires the use of a significantly stronger machine.  Great rug cleaning companies such as RugPro use the “Rug Badger.”  In a rug dusting scenario, the rug is splayed over a grate, and the Rug Badger is slowly pushed over the rug.  The machine produces thousands of harmonic vibrations per minute, which loosen the debris, dust, and dander in the rug and release it into the grates underneath it.
    • Thoroughness– Vacuuming is useful and necessary in terms of weekly maintenance and keeping dust and dander at bay. Rug dusting, however, is exponentially more thorough, often removing several pounds of dust and debris from the fibers and backing of a wool area rug!
    • Preservation– So, which is better for preserving your rug for decades to come? The answer is: both.  Weekly vacuuming is an effective and convenient way to maintain your rug by routinely ridding it of as much dry soil as possible.  Rug dusting is necessary in order to remove far more dust and dirt routinely.  Rug dusting is also the important first step in deep cleaning any Oriental or Persian rug.

    A great local rug cleaning service is outfitted with the best cleaning solutions and equipment for cleaning fine area rugs thoroughly and gently.  Find a great rug cleaner in your area to trust with your rugs!

    RugPro Oriental Rug Cleaning is the best Jacksonville FL rug cleaning service homeowners in Northeast Florida, Mandarin, Queen’s Harbour and Riverside depend on for cleaning and care of their rugs.  Keep your rug soft, clean, and in great shape with routine cleaning at our professional rug cleaning shop!