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  • What is Rug Dusting?

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    Routine vacuuming is an important part of keeping your Oriental rug in good shape.  Once or twice per week, depending on how much foot traffic the rug gets, you bring out the vacuum, make sure the beater bar is raised or deactivated, and give the Persian rugs in your home a thorough vacuuming.  With weekly vacuuming, much of the dirt, sand, and debris that is tracked over the rug is removed and prevented from burrowing into your rug’s fibers and causing damage.

    Household vacuums, however, do not remove all of the dust and debris.  To truly remove the dust, dander, and other dry soil from your rug’s fibers, it’s important to schedule professional rug dusting for your rug, ideally 1-2 times per year.  During the rug dusting process, the rug is spread across a grate and highly trained rug cleaning professionals operate an industrial strength rug dusting tool by pushing it slowly and gently over the rug.  This rug dusting tool produces harmonic vibrations (tens of thousands per minute!) which loosen the debris in the rug and cause it to fall out of the rug fibers and into the grate below.  It is not uncommon for several pounds of dry soil to be removed from the rug during this process.  The rug dusting tool used by the best professional rug cleaning companies has the power to remove significantly more debris, dander, and dust than the household vacuum ever could.

    Dust and dirt cause damage to your rug’s fibers.  The edges of these miniscule particles are jagged, and they slice and etch the fine fibers of your rug as they’re tracked deeper into the backing of the rug, ultimately causing it to dull and deteriorate prematurely.  The best local rug cleaning service can help!  RugPro is the best rug cleaning company Jacksonville FL homeowners turn to for their rug cleaning needs.  Our teams of rug cleaning experts have provided outstanding service to customers throughout Florida’s First Coast, including Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach, Atlantic Beach, Mandarin, Riverside, and more!  Call on us for your rug dusting appointment and be prepared to love the results!